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Desert Sage Bead Art

Kathleen Brannon
High Mountain Desert
Sparks, Nevada





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..Desert Sage and Vogt Silver VC54

Life Steps

Copper, Silver, Black and Turquoise

Cuff Width: 2.0"
Cuff Interior Length: 6.00" tapered to 6.75"

This cuff will fit a 6.00"" to 6.85" (medium to large) wrist in comfort depending on how and where you place cuff bracelets on your wrist.

Many of these cuffs are available and in stock. Depending on size, the cuff may have to be special ordered.

Do note that these cuffs have about 1/2" play to adjust more comfort to your wrist. You can expand or contract.

1..To determine what size will fit your wrist, you will need to measure from 'around the wrist bone'.

2..Once you have your wrist measurement, that will determine the size cuff you need. The size of your 'wrist" and the *'overall interior" (listed above) should be your fit.

3. Email or text me and I will easily walk you through and explain 'fitting" and ordering, etc. When ordering allow 4-6 weeks before it is received. or text: 775-219-7815

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